The process of moving into an aged care facility can be an emotional and daunting time for everyone involved.

Decisions often need to be made quickly and there can be a mountain of paperwork to complete.

As the costs associated with Aged Care increase, having an experienced adviser guide you through the process and ensure the best outcome from a financial perspective is key.

We have significant experience in developing strategies which can achieve the following:

  • Lower the costs associated with the move into the facility
  • Minimise the ongoing fees in the facility
  • Maximise Centrelink entitlements
  • Improve overall cashflow to help meet associated expenses
  • Provide advice on what to do with the family home
  • Maintain or improve outcomes from an estate planning perspective

We will help you deal with Centrelink as well as the aged care facility and can offer the necessary assistance to complete the myriad of forms and applications which are required.

Establishing an aged care financial plan also means that a neutral party (the financial adviser) has helped to determine the most appropriate course of action and this can help to limit family grievances down the track.